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Accompanied driving process
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Accompanied driving process
Firstly, you will need to hold China or personnel of the international legal and valid motor vehicle driver's license. Please telephone booking, online booking in advance, decide on a time and place, reported to the company's customer service staff. Happy learning instructor team accompanied driving is a free home pick-up policy.
II, follow driving routes to the students on the bus as the Center, students develop proficiency in actual driving targeted accompanied driving course and content. There are special requirements if the required consultation with the learning coach team in advance.
three, learning coach team accompanied driving implementation of accompanied driving is one man, one car, get on the agreement signed with the driving.
four, starts from the students on the bus timing, get off timers.
v, due to traffic jams and other irresistible reasons caused sparring of late, partners should be notified in advance trainees, and delayed time.
six, in the company of driving in the process if there was a crash, scratches, collisions and other vehicle accident damage, loss expenses incurred within a range of vehicle insurance claims by the company and the accompanied driving full commitment to customer does not assume any responsibility, beyond the scope of insurance claims by the customer.
seven, students in process of accompanied driving, ignoring the accompanied driving command or intentionally violating traffic laws (such as running red lights, speeding, etc), to discourage invalid, sparring may suspend its courses and charge illegal fees.
BA, students need to cancel an appointment, need 5 hours in advance with the company.
nine, accompanied driving accompanied driving agreement signed before the students on the bus, to ensure worry-free.
10, follow the drive to the official site published rates and charges, does not charge any other fees.