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Safe driving nine considerations

First, safety belt and shoulder: shoulder straps through the clavicle, hip belt through, elastic medium, seat belts are not twisted, is the most fundamental principle. But most of the problem is without a tie belt, please think of Princess Diana! Why she died, but sitting next to her husband was still alive? First, the correct driving posture: too close to the steering wheel, or chair back tilt, is bad. If the former when the accident occurred, possibly because the buffer distance enough, hit the steering wheel, or impact of lower extremities to the center console lower margin; the latter because of lower limbs straight, not bent, dispersion of impact force does not have any space, and poor vision, the traffic is bad. Generally speaking, the correct driving posture, is to be back on the Chair and catching the wrist part can be contacted on the steering wheel rim, and stepped on the accelerator in the end can still bend the knee shall prevail.
Second, the hands on the steering wheel, steering wheel turn to maintain flexibility at their best: vehicles equipped with air bags in today's trends, hands on 3 and 9 can not only meet these requirements, but also the best way to prevent damage when the balloon burst. Other bad habits such as back to the plate margin, will result in a emergency and play back is not easy, should be avoided.
three, cutting lanes and turns, first make sure there is no confirmed dead vehicles, especially next to the b-pillar and a-pillar angle of 45 degrees, should not have a direct cut more than two lanes, or any Park. And develop habits of at least 20 meters turn signal, so security and not to let the rear vehicle is upset because drivers calm reduce the proportion of traffic accidents, is impossible to measure it!
four, use the brakes: following a steep grade using low speed, then turn after the slow down, not only safety but also to avoid discomfort for the crew. As regards the use of ABS is "an army" of skills, it is recommended to find a safe space, enjoy special experiences of the braking to avoid accidentally is temporarily unable to perform their proper function.
v, use Headsets cell phone: despite the Government's call, but there are still many people call with one hand, driving with one hand, turn. Usually the car's dynamics are giving other people an absent-minded, drivers have been unable to balance the two, affect the level of safety can be imagined.
six, maintain proper safety distance and speed with car: Driver Handbook safe distance between being too idealistic, the so-called "appropriate" is measured by your hand, drive too fast or too slow is not safe, maintained with most of the same speed as the car is the best policy.
, rainy days, or seven days of dark, turn on the light when it's dark and proper use of the high/low beam lights: Please remember one thing, turning on the light is to let others see your presence, not just own the road. Turns the light on only a small lamp or not cause prejudice to security, it is a much higher value than a few bulbs. In the absence of street lighting settings section, you can use the high beam lights to provide a wider range of lighting, but don't forget to switch back to low beam when it encounters a passing. If it encountered heavy fog in addition to reduce speed, fog lights, a low beam lights should also be used to provide better lighting on the ground.
BA, others such as drunken driving, sleep driving or running red lights are bad driving habits, the degree of risk and the damage caused by high and never be understated.

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