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Frequent traffic accidents owner practices need improvement

"Driving too fast", "turning too sharply", "to the oil too much", owners of all kinds of bad habits were carefully recorded, once exceeded safety limits, the owners receive warning messages recalled. According to Huawei Terminal marketing of China Minister Li Kaixin introduction, the company has developed "car auto diagnosis box" through a sensor and an Internet connection, upload, analyze, and effective feedback on the owner's driving behavior, sells well on the European and American markets.
2012 global auto sales 81.74 million vehicles, cars and people's lives are getting closer and make phone calls, check maps, using everyday activities such as letter was moved to inside the vehicle, to bring driving safety hazard. According to statistics, every year, millions of people were killed in road accidents, injury or permanent disability. Li Kaixin believes that telematics technologies to bring smart car facilities when "first should also be security issues need to be addressed."
many auto companies are trying. Ford at the World Mobile Conference released its latest idea by AppLink put mobile applications and operating systems connected through SYNC voice-controlled platforms associated with vehicles and people. In this way, owners through the Sonic can use mobile navigation, music and storytelling, and other functions, freeing hands and eyes are. The end of the year, BMW hopes the "I" series cars in Europe and America will be powered by "autopilot" technology. This technology can be freed completely from the owners of driver fatigue. BMW China Technical Center Manager Carsten Isert told reporters that so far the technology is not mature yet, just driving in traffic and Freeway conditions alternative.
compared to overseas markets for "hot" domestic Internet development is a bit "slow". Overseas, Ford AppLink system has long been popular for many years, build a complete mobile application platforms, but only until the end of this year in China will be used in new cars. BMW automatic driving technologies, application in China is a long way off. "Internet technologies in China has not formed a mature industry chain and product development may face paying no end. "Li keqiang, society of automotive industry," said Government and industry associations to play a greater role in the concept of universal connectivity. "China Mobile recently flying University and launched" connected voice Assistant "to help users automatically receive text and voice reply, refusing phone calls and features such as automatic reply message, meet the communication needs of users while driving.