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Steering deviation, what will happen?

Driving motor vehicles, the fear among drivers is the brakes and steering wheel, so necessary for the car before driving to check steering and brakes. Ensure the safety of yourself and others is the key.
the steering wheel out of the thing, it is a great event to timely maintenance. Of course, don't hurry, hurry you will let yourself receive an error, calm and steady can win. There have been offset in the direction of, a timely correction, if there is a side of the steering wheel, vehicle owners how to respond? Small car owners, also happens to be in the running come across such a thing, and have little experience would like to share with you, hoping to help some of the new owners. Hope Shenzhen driving school can also strengthen training in this area. In a driving
, small steering wheel is always a bit, though not much of a problem, but it was not always so comfortable, to an old owner for advice. He told me that, biased to the left of the steering wheel is normal, and in a normal state, does a little to the left of the steering wheel. This xiaobian there is no worry, thinking even if life will be a little bias, not to mention the "small" steering wheel? But it is not, and after some time, steering wheel deflection is very serious, time turned to drive even car. This time I really pay attention to, and continues to neglect the life was gone. So, I look around to learn from their experience, and through their own practice, finally there is a solution
first: tire trouble
you can measure the tire pressure on both sides, when tire pressure is inconsistent on both sides, vehicles to the low pressure side of the road. If two inconsistent tire tread wear, also can cause the vehicle to run.
If the tire does not have any problems, recommends to the 4S shop check the use of chassis components, four wheel alignment of value changes will result in the use of steering wheel not straight problems occurred after a period of time, there may be the tie rod appears offset to one side and lead to steering wheels are.
Second, and brake of illusion
solution approach:
1, and with Jack will caused brake slow of wheels top up;
2, and turned tire, feel tire is is heavy;
3, and will rims bolt loose, makes brake drum placed split take of State;
4, and with hammer light knock brake drum of four week, sometimes can will its correction;
5, and cannot correction Shi, may is brake internal of piston fixed, problem, so must to will brake drum remove, Cannot be repaired. Best left to the car repair personnel to deal with at this time.