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Men driving what are the considerations for

Drink driving (risk index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★)
This is an old topic, drink-driving has been illegal behavior, especially in recent years, management and punishment are very strict. While management and strengthened efforts on the punishment, but every now and then we still see drivers driving under the influence of the news, most of the male drivers accounted for drunk driving.
the dangers of drinking and driving I think everyone already knows, threat of drunk driving is not only his own life, and threaten the lives of others. For men, fighting will inevitably have to face all kinds of entertainment in society, but if you drink don't drive in entertainment, you can choose to take a taxi home or chauffeur, don't wait.
smoking while driving (risk index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆)
many men have the habit of smoking while driving often belching. Edit some male drivers can often be seen in the life hand holding a cigarette, one hand on the steering wheel and flick cigarette ash out of the car every now and then, make ashes scattered outside the car, smoke in the air around inside the car.
for this bad habit, the editor would like to advise those men who smoke while driving, smoking is not only bad for your body and will pollute the environment in the car, let the car passengers to smoke with you, if you smoke, smoke-choked voice and smoke to the eyes can also affect driving safety.
fun with the opposite sex (index: ★ ★ ★ ★)
drive for many men, girlfriends or wives sat in the passenger seat when, inevitably, talk or open a few jokes, happy and even play a few times, but the editor to remind men, it does not concentrate on driving is very dangerous.
loved one sitting at his side is a very happy thing, but I try not to get too much when driving jokes or slapstick, to focus our attention on the drive, as it is responsible for a loved one. Call
drive (index: ★ ★ ★ ★) call
drive is an old topic, but the editing is often seen while driving phone drivers on the road, and some even send text messages while driving.
new laws this year, clearly defined cannot receive calls while driving, otherwise it will be docked 2 points, which also reflect the calling by car from one side of the hazard. Also has a situation is, some male friends think using Bluetooth headphones or car Bluetooth, can hands driving not effect driving of security, actually such of idea is errors of, drive need height concentrated attention to observation kaleidoscope of road, if side told phone side drive certainly will effect attention of concentrated, more guarantee can't security driving, if must to received call, can put car stopped in security of regional again received playing.
road rage (index: ★ ★ ★ ☆)
road rage is one of the male drivers often make bad habits, some male drivers when driving on the road do not eat, eat deficit and it will be open a little bit temperamental car, must earn it back face.
male drivers are the high incidence of road rage, especially young male drivers, the road is very impulsive, some cannot keep calm and safe driving needs is calm. Suggest you have road rage guys, try to maintain a calm state of mind at the wheel, if you find that emotional unstable deep breathing a few times myself, just stay calm and will ensure security.
to see the side of beauty (index: ★ ★ ★)
beauty in everyone, men like to watch beautiful mood was understandable. But editors often found in life, some male drivers while driving and kept staring at the side of beauty.
as a normal man, editor understands those men who like to see roadside beauties. But editors want to remind those who drove the men, driving a vehicle on the road, do not look around beauty, beauty, after all, is not one's own, but cars and life is one's own.
put the arm out (danger index: ★ ★ ☆)
in life we often see some male drivers often drive discussion his arm out of the car window, this driving habits would be very dangerous.
when driving in the summer, some of the male driver leaned out of his arm out the window and think that driving is comfortable but also very smart. In fact, this posture is very insecure: first of all, this position is not the correct driving posture, if encountered in a driving emergency, may not be able to make the right emergency action; second, put the arm on the window, when vehicles meet might be another vehicle scratches to his arms, causing bodily harm. So the editors here would also like to remind men, not because of a handsome charmer, and hurt himself.
the right clothing and shoes (index: ★ ★)
many professional men to work, often wearing a driving suit and hard shoes, wear this kind of clothes and shoes to get very uncomfortable and unsafe.
because some men need to wear suits, and some men to make themselves look more mature chic but also likes to wear a suit. However, when driving in a crisp suit, especially since some slim suits, limiting body movement and hard shoe can also affect driving safety. So the editors here would suggest that men, in your car, a loose clothes and a pair of shoes while driving change, such a move will not crease nice suits, nor does it affect driving.