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Driving schools are not allowed to receive "refresher training"

Earlier, the city's motor vehicle driving training school management system was officially opened. After implementing the system of drivers ' training school, subjects failed to pass the exam if you want to pay training costs? The emergence of new issues, were prepared by many people scratching their heads. Recently, Fuzhou Road Transport Management Office issued a circular on regulating the use of motor vehicle driving training school notification management system (hereinafter "the notice"), which strictly regulate the city's driving school.
driving schools are not allowed to receive "refresher training"
in driving standards, reporters noted that the notice stipulates that no arrangements for refresher training for trainees who failed to pass the exam, or the validity period of driving skills-ticket out, collect training fees, a rectification by the Canal, or stop training business, until rectification is complete.
on the part of students in Fuzhou, the "training fee" is not new. Ever since the implementation of the school system, at the end of 86 hours, but failed to pass the driving test participants will be arranging training, some driving "refresher training" is to charge hefty fees. Many students feel that some "unreasonable", but I can only make money.
notification, the specification clearly sets out the training fee charged. So, out of 86 hours of trainees, can recover training costs? Fuzhou Road transport management service are told reporters that the notice expressly, absolutely do not allow illegal charging "refresher training". According to the regulations, failed to pass the driving exam participants by training. If driving school "drivers ' ticket out" period, arranging training for admission to training fees, will face strict punishment, even been halted admissions.
voice: ban to recover training costs driving school rejected "stupid" students "?
since the notice expressly not allowed to charge "training fees", does it mean, repeatedly will be learned by students can learn in three years, has been learning to pass, don't pay a penny?
in this regard, the transportation management office concerned again: "in no case cancelled school, driving schools to students when conducting refresher training, shall not be charged. "He said that such a provision, it seems some" scientific ", but due to the current high cost of Fuzhou City, usually about seven thousand or eight thousand, such costs have made consumers feel the burden is too heavy.
the source also said that the reason students failed to pass the exam, cannot simply be presumed "students too stupid", or it may be "coach training is not in place", in practice it is hard to presumptive who more and, therefore, "to look after the retrainees" waived under the premise of "refresher training".
of course, this provision in the heads of many driving schools, may have a negative impact. In an interview with school official told reporters: "repetition will not pay fees for gas and vehicle wear, could make driving schools reject the older, poor learning abilities of students. ”