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The elderly drive regular checkups

In the provisions of the motor vehicle driver's license to apply for and use: for small cars, mopeds type, must be over 18 years old, the age of 70. Already holding a car driver's license, a year through normal examination, inspection, 70 years old and above can also be driven.
1. high speed should be avoided. Ability to judge the speed and distance of the elderly than younger drivers in the event of danger, it is difficult to take decisive measures.
2. at night have to be reduced. Visibility is very poor at night, blurred, so older drivers should endeavour not to travel at night.
3. driving time is not too long. Traffic should not be more than two hours at a time, to arrange the rest.
4. medicine all year round. Old friends are more or less susceptible to some illnesses, must be carried in the car taking the drugs.
5. scheduled medical examinations. Health of the elderly in their family harmony, are concerned, the safety of other community.