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Novice on how to drive safely

Red Rob green, Rob
some drivers caught in traffic lights like the acceleration, "Rob light". In the distance I saw a green light hard filling speed, often has not been rolled to the junction stop lines, green turned red. Best slowed down when you see green light in the distance, while maintaining low-speed situations, for lights. Therefore, "Rob red Rob green" can use brakes or smooth with less braking safely through the intersection.
II and these early late
lines at the junction must be early turn signals early, change lanes, never approaching the intersection time-varying line to avoid danger and cause inconvenience to other cars.
three, and speed reduction, does not reduce the speed
mountain while driving, downhill should pay attention on engine speed, especially going up the Hill, speed should be controlled at about 3000 rpm, to ensure maximum engine torque and power play. High speed high low speed slope, not to change into a lower gear on both fuel consumption and increase the vehicle's mechanical loads and abrasion.
four early, up and down slopes with retaining
driving mountain roads drivers tend to choose neutral when downhill, control speed and braking, according to the principle of conservation of energy, longer brake brake pad heat, order to reduce braking effect and even failure. Therefore, traction control for driving in mountainous areas should take advantage of the engine's speed.
right, left to watch from the junction changes, to see whether the vehicle in the same direction, look at the other side, as the previous cases must be treated with much easier than the back or side.
six, tight sand, water
walking across the desert sand when soft, easily into the car, quickly; diffuse waterway, on the contrary, faster speed, water resistance, the greater, the more likely stalled. Hanging on the low block, slowly driving a great choice for wading.
seven, before bending, bent pine, bending slowly after changing
Shan Road, many accidents have occurred on the curve, before entering the turn to quick, feet often, early deceleration gear, once entering the turn, do not step on the brake; out when best to return again.